Austin entrepreneur announces presidential bid

There are more than a dozen Republican candidates that have announced their run for the 2016 presidential nomination and on June 15th a new name made its way to the list. And his announcement is making small waves online.

Esteban Oliverez is a 35-year-old entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. Six years ago he started his own online marketing company. Although he is running in the Republican race, Oliverez says he considers himself a moderate candidate.

“I’m running as a Republican, and I do have those ideals,” said Oliverez. “But I think it’s very important that you look at the whole spectrum of ideas and you take the best. Politics should be about finding common ground, not one winner forcing their views on the 49% of voters who want a different path for America.”

Without lobbyists and no super PACs, Oliverez has built his campaign from the ground up solely on his hopes to get votes from those who are simply somewhere in between. And he believes his short political resume is exactly what this country needs.

“For a lot of Congress members it seems to be a lifetime appointment and I don’t agree with that,” said Oliverez. “I feel like originally the motto was supposed to be, you know, private citizens who decide I’m going to go serve four to eight years, do my duty for my country, and go back home.”

Oliverez has grabbed the attention of voters with his bold campaign run. His online video reaching nearly a million views in just a few days.

“I’m running to be president for all of America. I’m not playing to a base. I want to represent the good ideas from both sides and throw out the bad ideas from both sides, agree on what we can agree on, and move forward as a country, “ Oliverez says.

You can head to Oliverez's campaign website if you'd like more information here.