Austin family reunites with lost therapy dog

The Calloway family was in tears as they watched their 12-year-old autistic son embrace his therapy dog who was lost for six days. Tara Hall said the family combed their North Austin neighborhood but it wasn’t until they took to social media that the ball got rolling.

Hundreds of volunteers placed posters on light posts and raised money to pay for a dog detective from Dallas to come search for the dog.

Munsta, Jacob Calloway said is no ordinary dog.

The 4-year-old pit bull can detect when his son is having seizures at night and alerts the family.

"My son was having breakdowns since last week about him at night whenever he's told to go night, night Munster boy will hop on Jacob's bed that's their routine," Calloway said. "He is worth any materialistic things we could ever buy and that's because of the fast four years he's become more than just my dog he's a part of my family."

Calloway even offered up his SUV as reward money.

On Wednesday afternoon, the family finally got the call they had been waiting for, some had Munsta and was willing to return him. "Relieved, my heart is finally not broken I don't even know how to explain it I can finally breathe for the first time in six days," Hall said.

Hall said the experience has taught her the importance of community.

She plans to assist Facebook groups like Austin Lost and Found Pets and will lend a hand to pet owners who find themselves in the same predicament.