Austin firefighters show how NOT to fry your Thanksgiving turkey

With Thanksgiving just days away, the Austin Fire Department is reminding everyone how NOT to fry a turkey.

Firefighters say there are 5 important turkey frying safety tips to keep in mind this Thanksgiving:

  • Too much oil in the fryer pot: An overfilled pot leads to spillover and flare-ups. Do a "dry run" beforehand with water to make sure you know just how much oil you’ll need to use.
  • Dropping a frozen or partially thawed turkey into oil: Be sure your turkey is completely thawed—give it at least three days in the fridge if it’s been in the freezer and slowly lower it into the pot to prevent the oil from splashing.
  • Your fryer is too close to structures and/or combustibles: More than one-third of fires involving a fryer start in a garage or on a patio. Maintain a safe distance from any building and keep the fire off any wooden structures.
  • Oil and ice don’t mix! When ice comes into contact with hot oil, the water vaporizes, causing steam bubbles to pop and spray hot oil. Never use water to put out a grease fire; keep a fire extinguisher approved for grease fires nearby, and immediately call 911 for help.
  • Unattended cooking: Many fryers do not have thermostat controls and if left unwatched, the oil will continue to heat until the point of combustion, so watch your bird.

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