Austin ISD: Students participating in walkout, will receive unexcused absence

Friday April, 20 is “National School Walkout Day.” Thousands of students plan to leave class, and Austin ISD officials are informing students of possible consequences.

Since the Parkland, FL shooting, several schools right here in Austin , have already demonstrated with school walkouts. According to the organizer for the national event, students will walk out of their classrooms at 10:00 a.m. Friday and protest against gun violence and voice support for gun control. 

Austin ISD officials say they are preparing, in case several students walk out of classrooms. They also say students should be prepared to face any consequences. The district has sent letters to parents and staff letting them know what expectations are

“Should any of our students decide to participate in the walkout they will be receiving an unexcused absence. Any disciplinary action beyond that the district will not be imposing. What we're encouraging parents to do is have those discussions with their students in regard to safety, expectations and consequences that will come along with the choices that they make,” said Reyne Telles, spokesperson for AISD.

District police officers will be on hand to monitor safety.