Israeli-American puts up posters with faces of Israeli hostages around Austin

An Israeli-American living in Austin is taking action locally, hoping to put a human face to the suffering happening inside Israel, by putting up posters with the faces of Israeli hostages. 

Ariella Lerner says she wanted Austinites to know who the 150 Israelis currently kidnapped by Hamas are. The hostages include men, women, children and elderly people. 

"I too, as everyone else, watched the horrifying atrocious massacre carried out by Hamas against the residents of Israel, some of which are my personal friends, friends of friends or even relatives," said Lerner. "I wanted to do something to help."

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  (Ariella Lerner)


She organized a group of people from Austin’s Israeli-American community, mostly women. They printed posters from the Bring them Home campaign’s website, all with pictures of those who have been kidnapped. They have spent the past several days hanging these posters around the city of Austin. 

Lerner says she hopes people who see the posters take photos, share them with others, educate themselves on what’s happening, and spread awareness. 

"With a broken heart we feel and hope that maybe, in this way, we'll succeed in helping, even in the smallest way, to bring these men, women and children back home," said Lerner.