Austin neighbors participating in bear 'hunt' to keep families smiling

Neighbors all over Austin are finding ways to spread a little cheer to get through these tough times. One way they are doing that is by participating in what's called a "bear hunt." 

There’s no actual hunting involved. It’s more like a scavenger hunt. Participating neighbors display teddy bears in their windows so families with children can walk around searching for them.

“It’s been really cool just because people are coming by and you see them stop and you see kids stopping now, and it’s nice to just be a part of doing something to bring a small smile in the midst of all the other crazy,” said Tara Levy, who is one of the neighbors in the Rosedale area participating in the bear hunt. 

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“Any way that we can get out in a safe way, do an activity, get out of the house for a little bit, be in the neighborhood, see neighbors from afar and have a little bit of fun is helpful for everybody,” said David Simon who also has a teddy bear in his front window. 

“It’s a good idea because there’s not much to do, because everybody’s just in their houses,” said Amalie Plougmann, who spent Wednesday afternoon looking for teddy bears with her friends. 

Even those who don't have teddy bears on hand have found other ways to join in. "I have an elephant and a giraffe,” Levy said. 

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More and more families in Austin are connecting with their neighbors through the simple idea, making a scary situation for so many people, a little more bearable. 

"The bear hunt idea is such a good one because it feels like everyone’s part of it and it’s something that we’ve all come together on,” Levy said. 

Those participating are encouraged to add their address to this Google map so families preparing a bear hunt can plan out their route. 


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