Labor Day weekend blood drive organized by Austin nurse

A local blood bank needs to make sure its supply can meet any demand with Labor Day coming up.

A nurse at the Heart Hospital of Austin organized a blood drive on Wednesday, August 24, to help out.

"Especially during any holiday weekend, it's very important to have enough blood - donated and available in the blood bank," said Amanda Hebert, a nursing manager.

Hebert is the nursing manager for the progressive care and intermediate care units at the Heart Hospital of Austin. She has been donating blood for the past 18 years.

Since January, she has been organizing blood drives at the hospital every eight weeks.

"Getting to see a patient come in, and we give one single unit of blood, and you can literally see the color come back to their face - the life rejuvenate them. You realize that, you man not always have the money to donate things, you might not always have supplies to donate back to the community. I have blood that I carry around with me that I don't necessarily need, right now - and, I can't give that blood to someone in the community who is in dire, life-saving need," said Hebert.


On Wednesday, a drive benefiting We Are Blood is being held at the Heart Hospital of Austin ahead of Labor Day weekend.

Most healthy people who are 17 or older and weigh at least 115 pounds can roll up their sleeves and donate. Depending on the person, the process can take as little as 15 minutes.

"Just make sure you have a full meal or something nutritious - that way your body can compensate for that. And, try not to have any caffeine before or right after you've donated. You don't want your heart pumping too fast while it's trying to work out its new volume that it has," said Hebert.

The blood drive is being held Wednesday, August 24, at the Heart Hospital of Austin outside the ER entrance. It will take place from 3-5:30 p.m.

If you can't make it to this blood drive, but still want to donate blood or plasma, click here.