Austin Police: 'License To Carry' shooting appears to be self-defense

When Austin Police arrived at the Arbors of Austin apartment complex on Mearns Meadow Saturday evening, they found 21-year-old Darwin Jimenez suffering from a gunshot wound. 

"They immediately began resuscitation efforts however Jimenez succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at 5:20 pm," said Detective Angie Jones.

During a Tuesday morning press conference Detective Jones told Fox 7 this all started when a white vehicle pulled in behind a maroon vehicle in the Arbors parking lot.

"At some point there was a verbal altercation between the individuals in the maroon vehicle and the individual in the white vehicle," she said.  "It was something about driving through the parking lot.  So we're still gathering information on that," Jones said.

Austin Police say the man in the white vehicle pulled into a parking spot and got out.  Jimenez and another guy with him got out and kept arguing.

"Based on witness statements, Jimenez had a gun in his hand at that time.  Shots were fired," she said.

Detective Jones says that's when the man in the white vehicle, who is licensed to carry, got his own handgun from his car and fired back, a shot that ultimately killed Jimenez.  Police say the man who they didn't name, was never hit by Jimenez's gunfire.

"You find yourself in a situation like that, there are a couple of things that we tell people to do.  If there's a way that you can leave, then leave," said License to Carry instructor Michael Cargill with Central Texas Gunworks.

Cargill says there are steps LTC-holders are taught to take before bringing a firearm into the situation.

"But if it does happen, it gets to that point and you have to defend yourself then you stop that threat.  And then you dial 911 and then call your attorney and let your attorney talk for you," Cargill said.

Austin Police say the License to Carry-holder is cooperating with the investigation.

"If you're not committing a crime then you can stand your ground and get to defend yourself.  So it seems like everything fit exactly what the license-holder is supposed to do and he did the right thing," Cargill said.

Police say no one is charged in the case yet.  They say it will be up to a grand jury to decide if any charges will be filed.

But Austin Police say if you know anything more about the incident, give them a call.