Austin police provide update on fatal officer-involved shooting

Austin Police Department released video Friday of a June 12 fatal officer-involved shooting. 

42-year-old Carlos Eli Chacon-Castillo stopped on the shoulder of East Koenig Lane, near Middle Fiskville Road in crisis. 

"[Chacon-Castillo] pointed the knife at his own chest at 12:18 p.m. [A responding officer] said he was now yelling, ‘just shoot me,’" said Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon.

Chacon-Castillo ran at officers with a knife. One officer discharged their less-lethal firearm -- then another officer opened fire. Chacon-Castillo was on the ground for more than 20 seconds. Officers asked him to roll over. Chacon-Castillo rolled over, then began to stand. The officer with a less-lethal weapon fired several shots. Chacon-Castillo ran at officers. A third officer then opened fire. 

Officer John Zavala and Dennis Kerlin are on paid administrative leave for shooting Chacon-Castillo. Officer Spencer Bradley is also on paid administrative leave for shooting Chacon-Castillo with a less-lethal firearm. Officer Lonnie Cannon responded to the incident but did not discharge their weapon. 

Austin Police have implemented a "no question" policy at recent briefings about officer-involved shootings.

FOX 7 Austin attempted to ask Chief Chacon questions about the incident Friday and was told a reporter would be banned from press conferences for asking questions again. Journalists with FOX 7 Austin will continue to ask questions.