Austin preparing for thousands of storm evacuees

The city is expecting 7,000  evacuees and Austin is opening shelters as needed.

The Delco center, LBJ High School , and Burger Center are  still taking people in. People from Rockport, Port Lavaca, Houston and many other cities all are gathering in these shelters. Many of them lost their homes, others not even sure if they have a home to go back to.

“You can lose your home, you can lose anything.  Family is number one, I can't lose my family,” said Jose Diaz from Port Lavaca.

“I came here for a family event from Houston. Now I have no way to get home. I've been here three days and going stir crazy in the hotel. I looked this morning and found this place to volunteer,” said Tim Surratt, volunteer.

Mayor Steve Adler stressed the City of Austin is doing everything in its power to help these evacuees.