Austin security company uses infrared technology to measure body temperature

As more places and businesses reopen in Texas, an Austin security company is looking to make sure they stay open.

Using infrared technology, Athena Security is able to see a person's temperature without having to use a thermometer.

"If you're going into work you don't want to be spreading a sickness and this is one of the ways to help detect something," said co-founder Christopher Ciabarra.

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Readings take no time at all; all someone has to do is walk by, look at a camera briefly, and keep walking. Athena Security reports they can get about 2000 readings an hour.

"People don't want to disrupt their normal way of life so we try to make it as quick as possible," said Ciabarra.


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Anyone with a high temperature will set off an alert. "If your temperature is elevated it's going to detect it and then send an alert whether you have a virus or not that's something you're going to have to get a doctor to do another test to see what's wrong," said Ciabarra.


One thing to note is this is not a medical device and can't diagnose if someone is actually sick. "This is a prescreening device and we recommend they have an FDA approved thermometer to take the next reading if you do have a high temperature," said Ciabarra.

Ciabarra feels this technology can be useful in high traffic areas as more places begin to reopen. "We had it in mind to put it everywhere from banks, to restaurants, hotels, private businesses, government," he said.

You can get more information about Athena Security on its website.



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