Austin security guard who quit after being blamed for attack starts new job

An Austin security guard who quit his job during a FOX 7 interview, started a new one on Monday, July 1, exactly one week after two trespassers attacked him at work. 

Percy Payne, 33, quit after his former boss blamed him for the assault. His new employer saw our story and hired Payne right away.

Payne began his new job on Monday at Central Texas Gun Works in South Austin.

"They’ve been having me train today," said Payne. "It's actually been real, real nice, the whole environment. It’s positive energy here, and I like it."

"I think he’s going to be a wonderful addition to the team," said Central Texas Gun Works Owner Michael Cargill.

It’s been a whirlwind week for Payne, who’s a security guard by trade. On June 24, he was attacked by two young men while working at a building in East Austin. Payne was trying to detain the teens after they snuck into the private garage and started messing with his car.

On Wednesday, June 26, Payne shared his story with FOX 7, but was interrupted by his supervisor with Priebe Security, who told him: "We have a policy that you’re not supposed to do any interviews in your uniform."

The argument ended with Payne quitting, and his boss blaming him for the attack.

"I felt the need to step in," said Cargill. "And I said, ‘man, this guy deserves a better job.'"

After seeing our story, Cargill gave Payne his number and hired him on the spot.

"I was actually just lost for words. I'm like, ‘wow, is this for real?’" said Payne.

On Monday, Payne’s focus was gun sales, working with customers and running background checks.


"First day went awesome," said Payne.

But Cargill wants to see him back on the security beat.

"We’re going to get him certified as a level three security officer, where he can be armed as a security officer and then get him some night work," said Cargill.

"I’m very excited for that part," said Payne. "I feel very blessed. And I'm just very grateful."

Payne says the best part is being able to teach his 14-year-old son an important life lesson.

"Know your worth," said Payne. "If you know you’re good at it, and you know what you can do, prove them wrong and use that as momentum."

FOX 7 reached out Monday night to Payne’s former employer, Priebe Security. A rep for the company declined to say whether his old supervisor still had a job, but did send a statement saying: "We take this situation very seriously. Our team has been conducting our own investigation and is taking the appropriate action."

Austin police continue to investigate last Monday’s attack as an aggravated assault. At last check, no arrests have been made.