Austin tech companies continue to see rapid growth

Austin hangs its hat on being a mecca for technology after being praised for drawing businesses in from across the globe.

The co-founders of began working out of a small house two years ago and now have more than fifty employees in an elite office on 6th Street.

"Less than a year ago we moved into this office and it seems like every week we are announcing a new employee...and I think here now we have about 40 or 50 people..and we still have another and twelve in the Middle East," said Matt Clark, co-creator of

They say their company grew quickly and that's in large part due to Austin's community of entrepreneurs..

"What's really surprising is how much the actual members and students are actually preaching about it...which is really exploding the business. That's been a surprise. when you have people lining up at our events to shake our hand for no other reason than to say they changed your life... that's incredible," said Jason Katzenback, co-creator of is a business built off of online superstore Amazon.

Their product teaches people how to run their own business off of the mega website, without the overhead. offers a flagship program called Amazing Selling Machine. You can enroll here.