Austin weather: Tornado touches down in Caldwell County

Thursday brought heavy rain, flash flood watches, and a confirmed tornado in Central Texas.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado passed through Caldwell County Thursday morning, which may have left damage in the area of Schuelke Road between Lockhart and Mendoza.

An old former schoolhouse in Niederwald appeared to have been hit, with a roof torn off, broken glass, and insulation scattered.

Thomas Parsons was driving up to the Austin area from Seguin when he saw the clouds swirling. 

"The warning came up… the warning on the radio and then I looked up and right then and there you could see the swirls in the air, and it continued on for quite a while," Parsons told FOX 7 Austin. "There was no way to exit off the side of the highway, and so I was hoping to kind of get away through it or get under an overpass, and it’s funny because when I did that I open the window and there was like super wind everything flew out the window and then like a split-second later it was like completely dead."


There are no reports so far of any injuries or any other damage as of Thursday evening, but it was quite the sight after a stormless summer.

"It’s so crazy because it’s so much more intense than you could ever imagine," Parsons said.

While FOX 7 Austin was filming earlier Thursday, there was another tornado warning issued for the area, but no confirmation of a second one forming.