Austin woman says man who assaulted her cut off his GPS monitor

An Austin woman says she is fearing for her family’s safety after being told that a man she says assaulted her and is awaiting trial cut off his GPS monitor.

Back in February 2020, Lauren Klinefelter said she was at her apartment in North Austin when her ex-brother-in-law, Blake Thomas, allegedly showed up with two men.

"He was my daughter’s uncle so I didn’t think that there was going to be any reason for anything crazy to happen," she said.

However, Klinefelter said the situation quickly turned aggressive and violent. She believes Thomas may have been on drugs.

"I didn’t understand what the motive was," said Klinefelter. "At first it sounded like he wanted money, then it sounded like he wanted sex, then it was all these different things that didn’t make sense."

She said he ended up biting her in the head and back and sexually assaulting her. He then allegedly forced her into a car, leaving her two children who were home behind.

"We left and we drove around, and he was antagonizing me and throwing things at me from the front seat," said Klinefelter. "He said he was going to kill me and was making all these threats."

Klinefelter says she was eventually able to get away from him and get back to her apartment and her kids. She said she was treated at a hospital for her injuries and had to get staples in her head. 

She said the event has left long-lasting effects on her son, daughter and herself. "I've moved three times, my kids go to different schools and I was barely able to get a job because I was having panic attacks," said Klinefelter.

Thomas was later arrested, but court records show that in May of this year he was out on bond. Klinefelter said she received a call on Tuesday informing her that Thomas had reportedly cut off his GPS monitor.

She told FOX 7 she is frustrated and now even more afraid for her safety and her children’s. "I was depending on Travis County to at least do their part and try to help me and my family get some kind of peace," she said.

However, Thomas’ attorney, Michael Watson, told FOX 7 that his client hasn’t attempted to make any contact with Klinefelter in the months since his release. 

Watson also questioned Klinefelter’s depiction of what happened in February.

"In my heart of hearts I think he’s innocent," said Watson. "If you look at the facts and the witnesses that we had, people there at the scene, they contradict her story."

FOX 7 reached out to the Travis County District Attorney's Office and they were unable to confirm if Thomas had cut off his GPS monitor. However, they did confirm that a hearing had been set for Nov. 1 due to "an alleged violation of bond conditions."

Thomas currently has outstanding warrants in Travis County for assault, kidnapping and intimidation charges. Recently, a trial date was set for January 2022.

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