Austin YMCA looking to hire 400 lifeguards, swim instructors, camp counselors for summer

The YMCA of Austin is looking to hire 400 lifeguards, swim instructors, and camp counselors for the summer.

The Austin Y increased their pay rates to $15 an hour, and they're offering a sign on bonus of up to $500. You can also get a free Y membership for your family for a year.

"If we weren't able to fill these positions, we would be reducing the hours at our swimming pools, because we wouldn't have enough lifeguards to staff them. We would be reducing the number of swim programs, swim lesson programs we could offer because we wouldn't have enough instructors," Sean Doles with the YMCA of Austin said. "We'd be turning away young kids and adults who want to learn how to swim and be safe in the water, so we'd increase the risk across our community of things like drownings."

Doles says the need stems from ramping up programs back to pre-pandemic levels since they scaled back the last two years. He says the labor market and general shortage of workers also plays a role.

Juan Ybarra is the Aquatics Director who also serves as a lifeguard.

"It is so fun to be here. It's such a great time. You get to build relationships, you get to work on those characteristics that you want to," he said.

Doles says a summer job at the Y can be a great stepping stone.

"If you're looking to go into a health career, or a career as a first responder, becoming a lifeguard or swim instructor is a great first step," he said. "For those interested in an educational career, certainly working as a summer camp counselor is a great first step."

Ybarra says more workers would help him a lot.

"By them being here, it would obviously keep our pools safe, we're here for the community, and we want to serve," he said.

"You're also making a positive impact on the community," Doles said.

If you're interested in applying, click here.

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