Austinites react to Gov. Abbott's statewide mask order

Texans in counties with 20-plus COVID-19 cases must wear a mask in public. 

Gov. Greg Abbott issued the executive order in response to the dramatic spike in cases in the state.

"People have to understand we're having skyrocketing cases of COVID-19, hitting all-time records day after day," Abbott said. "Counting today yesterday, the day before, those three days are the three consecutive deadliest days in Texas for COVID-19."

Austinites in downtown Austin had many different opinions, but FOX 7 saw many people wearing their masks.

"It's just so sweaty. So I wish there's a way to do both, still get to do things but not wear the mask," Erica Estep said.

"They're put in place to help us protect each other and ourselves. So I really don't see the big controversy around them," said Sadie Seal.


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"I think I'm skeptical about the effectiveness of the mask in the first place. So it's frustrating to submit to this new law," Devon Erickson said. "I understand that it's for our protection, but I guess it's just frustrating because we don't even know if it's working against COVID."

If caught by officials with no mask, a verbal or written warning can be issued, subsequent violations will result in a $250 fine.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler has been pushing for mandating masks, saying this is needed. "The trajectory that we're on for the city is still real scary. It's still we're on a trajectory to really inundate our intensive care units, probably in the next two weeks," he said.

Although wearing a mask isn't very popular, many Austinites understand why this needs to be done.

"If it was your kid who was contracting this disease from people who, let's say are carrying it, would you be willing to risk it would you be okay with your child, your loved one, your whoever contracting it just because someone thought that they were above others and didn't need to wear a mask?" Seal said.


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