Authorities still working to identify a man found in the Colorado River

Authorities are still working to identify a body found in the Colorado River over the weekend. The Travis County Sheriff's Office tells FOX 7 all they know at this point is the gender.

It's a popular spot for residents of Austin's Colony: the neighborhood park, which has access to the Colorado River.

"There's people who kind of go swimming down there or go fishing," says Eric Saucedo, Austin's Colony resident.

It's also where a family saw a body floating in the water Saturday afternoon.

"What I've been told right now is it's badly decomposed and we are not even sure of race or sex," says Roger Wade, Travis County Sheriff's Office.

Anthony Cade lives next to the park. With all the recent rain, he says the river is still up about four feet from its normal level.

"When the river is up like that, I don't even go down there. The water can flow through here really, really fast," says Anthony Cade, Austin's Colony resident.

The body was found on the south side of the river. It was difficult for investigators to put a boat in. Instead, they had to launch from upstream.

"It would be hard, if it was somebody fishing, to be on that side of the river. If you were to go across the river and head toward Hwy 71, there's a water treatment plant," says Cade.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office says they are waiting on autopsy results and the toxicology report.
Since Saturday, all they've been able to determine is that it is the body of a man.

"We'll definitely check through missing persons reports and all that to try and figure out who this may be," says Wade.This has left several residents in the neighborhood uneasy.

"It freaks me out for sure because the things I know about this area, that I've heard. I think it just kind of catches me off guard because I didn't hear anything about it until now," says Saucedo.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office says at this point, they don't have reason to believe this was a flood victim.