Autism Awareness Day: Baker aims to open bakery with autistic employees

Robin Hoffman has always been tough. Since she was in college, Hoffy, as everyone knows her, had a goal of wanting to help people with autism. That was years before her own daughter was born and diagnosed with autism.

Then Hoffy was diagnosed herself with celiac disease, meaning she’s violently allergic to gluten. For her job as a baker, that was tough news to take. But Hoffy bounced back, and developed new gluten-free recipes that even the staunchest gluten lover would enjoy.

And that’s when she came up with her big idea: to take all the twists that life has thrown at her and turn them into something great. Hoffy is creating a gluten-free bakery, staffed by people with autism. Hoffy says her bakery will inspire confidence and comfort for everyone, and make them feel like they belong.

“I want people to see how functional, how capable and how important these individuals are,” she told Fox 35 Orlando. “I wanna give them an opportunity to shine!”

Hoffy hopes to raise enough funding through an Indiegogo campaign to get her unique bakery off the ground.

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. The stated goal of the day is to “increase understanding of and acceptance of autism and foster worldwide support.” Hoffy is one woman who is definitely doing her part.