Baby born with COVID-19 discharged with mother as both make full recovery

Kathrine Dawson and her newborn daughter Ruby were discharged from Blackpool Victoria Hospital on Sunday, May 4, after recovering from COVID-19, to cheers and an ovation from hospital staff.

Ruby tested positive for COVID-19 at birth, making her one of the world’s youngest COVID-19 patients.

“Staff from Blackpool Victoria Hospital fought tirelessly to save mum, Kathrine Dawson, after she ended up spending eight days on a ventilator after giving birth to baby Ruby, who was born with COVID-19,” said the hospital in a Facebook post. According to the hospital, the family spent 37 days in hospital, and at one point Kathrine’s odds of survival were rated as 50/50.

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“It was a very challenging case and we were very concerned that she might not make it,” said ITU consultant Dr Jason Cupitt. “She was deeply sedated and we weren’t seeing much change, but then, five days later, there was a spark of light at the end of the tunnel as her oxygen levels started to improve.

“This was a particularly emotional case for everyone,” Dr Cupitt added. “Kathrine and Ruby touched everyone’s heart and she is someone I will always remember.”