Baby born with no skin, Ja'bari Gray, discharged from hospital and cleared to go home

On Wednesday, Ja’bari Gray, the baby born with no skin, was discharged from Texas Children’s Hospital and will be able to go home with his family for the first time.

Since his transfer to Texas Children’s in April, a team of multidisciplinary experts including plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, neonatologists, critical care physicians and dermatologists, among others, worked together to care for his complex needs. In May, Ja’bari underwent surgery to place skin grafts on the exposed wounds of his body and in September, his breathing tube was removed, allowing him to breathe on his own, something that didn't originally seem possible.


Though almost 1-year-old Ja’bari will still need medical care in the future, his family and those following his story over the past six months are thrilled that Texas Children's was able to treat his condition and eventually send him home.