Back-to-school safety tips for drivers

As students go back to school, Travis County constables are working to make sure everyone slows down in school zones.

Constables are urging people to use caution as more people are getting out on the roads after the pandemic means that there is more traffic and more crashes.

Students can be on their phones, so it's important to pay attention to pedestrians and obey crossing guards as well as bus stop signs.

"A common excuse why people are speeding, in general, is they're running late or whatever function they have going on if you're running late 2 minutes isn't going to make a difference and slowing down can potentially save a life," says Travis County Deputy Constable Anthony Carreno.

Carreno adds, "The best thing to do is prepare themselves the day before give a little bit more time and slow down for our students going to school." 

Drivers are reminded that school zones are super short and driving slowly through them can save a life.