Barton Creek Drowning Victim Identified

The Austin Police Department have identified the swimmer who drowned in Barton Creek on Mother's Day. 

On Sunday, May 13. around 10:30 a.m. the Austin Fire Department and Austin Police responded to a call about a body discovered in Barton Creek.

Police identified the swimmer as 20-year-old Carlo Hurtado.

Hurtado was found in Twin Falls, close to the 3800 Block of south Mopac.

Craig Kuczynski was at Twin Falls celebrating Mother’s Day when the body was found. “Someone was scuba diving or had a face mask on exploring the water underneath and came upon a body under there,” said Kuczynski.

Sloan Gunther was out Sunday at Twin Falls also celebrating Mother’s Day when he said he saw people first hand searching for the body.

“There were a couple people frantic looking into the falls from the upper area,” said Sloan Gunther. “It’s kind of a holiday but it’s a special day for our moms and this person was son or a daughter and had a mother. It’s not the best of situations on Mother’s Day.” 

APD shut down the entrance to Twin Falls for a few hours while the Austin Police Dive team worked to recover the body. “We were walking up and we noticed all of the emergency vehicles and I said this isn’t normal they’re not normally out here.  We weren’t sure what was going on,” said Frank Santos.

Austin Travis-County EMS confirmed that Hurtado was found dead on the scene.        

Police have confirmed that Hurtado's death was not suspicious.