Bastrop County Judge signs disaster declaration for the county

Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape signed a disaster declaration for the county, after over 100 homes flooded.

With accees to thier home cut off by two washouts, Willie Arellano and his family used an ATV Friday to carry out what little they could salvage. Arellano's home along Alum Creek Road is one of more than 100 to be hit by flood waters.

"I'd say about a foot, just enough to tear it up."

FOX 7 met Willie and his nephew George Becerra a few months ago during the Hidden Pines fire. Their homes were spared then but now both are being claimed by a swollen Alum Creek.

"It's barely hanging on, you can just barely see the roof, of the house its almost completely underwater," said Becerra.

In the old town district of Bastrop, water poured into homes. Along pecan street, David Hewitt told me he and his wife had a similar experience.

"I woke up around 2:30 and I put my feet on the floor, and I was up to my shines in water."

The water got close but Diana Green says it didnt get into her home. Her cars, however, were swamped.

"Water completely, like iI said the car won't start the key won't even do anything."

At the Hidden Shores subdivision along the Colorado River, near Smithville, and down stream at Dotty River estates some evacuations took place. Evacuations also took place in a Smithville neighborhood. In areas where the water cut through the roads, making an exit dangerous if not impossible. Officials told residents not to leave but to shelter in place.

Joleen Jackson was among those trapped. The surge of water washed out her home on Tahitian Village Road, undercut her neighbor's driveway and swept away at least two vehicles.

"It was too late, it came real fast, both sides came real fast, couldn't leave it out if you wanted to, " said Jackson.

Damage assessments started as the rain started to taper off.

During the height of the storm almost 20 major roadways were flooded over and a half dozen severely damaged.