Baylor University to fire Briles, replace Starr

There were rain clouds over Baylor University on Thursday...both literally and figuratively.  After a long and drawn out rumor mill, Baylor regents announced head football coach Art Briles who put the team back on the map will be "suspended indefinitely...with intent to terminate."

Athletic director Ian McCaw...sanctioned and placed on probation.  And University President Kenneth Starr who famously went after president Bill Clinton for his infidelities in office...transitioned to the role of Chancellor.

Last year, President Starr had law firm Pepper Hamilton investigate how Baylor officials handled accusations of sex assault and other violence from the football players.

Here are a couple of the main points:

"In some cases, the University failed to take action to identify and eliminate a potential hostile environment, prevent its recurrence or address its effects."


"Actions by University administrators directly discouraged some complainants from reporting or participating in student conduct processes and in one instance constituted retaliation against a complainant for reporting sexual assault."

Clarence Dierking is a Baylor football alum.  He played in the '50s and since then has scouted for the NFL and coached teams himself. 

Dierking says he knows Art Briles personally

"It is a shocker.  But it's early for anyone to make a judgment as an outsider, although I went to Baylor and so forth.  But I need to know more information and give Coach Briles credit for what he has accomplished the last few years," Dierking said.  "He's done an excellent job.  I don't know all the in's and out's of what happened but you've got to do what's right," he said.

Dierking points out Baylor is not alone in having problems with sexual assaults. 

"The bottom line is money.  You've got your backers, they've got money.  Every team in the United States, if you don't win they'll fire you," Dierking said.

Despite the rain clouds, Dierking is proud of his alma matter and respects its leader.

"I've had the pleasure of meeting President Starr and I have a lot of respect for him.  And I think he's obviously an intelligent individual and he wants to do what's right in my opinion.  Being Chancellor, he's going to have a lot to say about what happens at Baylor University.

There was a brief teleconference between the regents and the media this afternoon but no real new details came out of that.  President Starr will serve until next Tuesday.  Dr. David Garland is Baylor's interim president.