Bee apiary on grounds of COTA heavily damaged after recent storm

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Photo courtesy American Honey Bee Protection Agency

The American Honey Bee Protection Agency reports that its apiary, about a half mile from the Circuit of the Americas race track, was heavily damaged after the recent storm Halloween weekend.

AHBPA says it was under the impression that the storms had missed the apiary but bee wranglers went to the site on November 6 to feed the bees and found that the exterior fence had been badly damaged and that the hives had been tossed more than 100 yards by the strong winds.

The AHBPA says hundreds of the hives perished and only eight survived. It says the in terms of hives and honey loss the loss is devastating and the financial loss is estimated to run into the tens of thousands.

The apiary is on an enclosed property which encompasses about five acres. It serves as a relocation property for rescued wild bee hives that were saved from extermination.