Bertram nonprofit aims to save elderly dogs who can’t get adopted

A new nonprofit is stepping up to save elderly dogs who have trouble getting adopted from shelters across Texas.

Their goal is to shower them with happiness during their final years.

"They just wanna be loved and that is our mission. Some of these dogs have never known love and we’re gonna show them love even if it’s for a short amount of time," said Rhonda Minardi who founded Living Grace Canine Ranch in Bertram.


They are a nonprofit whose mission is to give senior dogs who can’t seem to get adopted at shelters happiness. "This is their sanctuary, this is their safe place, this is their whisper of love in their ear before the last breath," said Minardi.

These dogs come from places all over Texas. At the ranch, they do more than just wait out their last moments. "We are providing a senior assisted-living for our canines," said Minardi.

There’s plenty of activity are going around for these furry friends. They get to exercise, hang out, and even get plenty of belly rubs.

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"They have a very full day, we start off with a lot of activities we have a list of activities I have a lady who comes three times a week was a dog trainer so we’re encouraging and enriching their lives making them play and think and have some joy in their life before they leave this earth," Minardi said.

Minardi said she founded this place after seeing just how many senior dogs there were in local shelters. The sights broke her heart. "We can’t just leave them at the end just when they need us the most there just left behind and we need to do better," she said.


The living grace canine ranch also takes in senior dogs from places other than shelters. Most of them are re-homes. "Either their pet parent went to assisted-living, hospice, or passed away," she said.

Right now this canine sanctuary houses a little under 30 dogs with plans for expanding in the future. Minardi is hopeful that what she’s doing here inspires others across the state to perhaps give a senior dog a chance.