Beryl: Central Texas Red Cross says volunteers urgently needed

Inside Georgetown First United Methodist, the Central Texas Red Cross was helping volunteers register to go down to the Gulf and help with disaster relief after Beryl makes landfall.

"We're hoping to get as many as we can," said Delia Krippelz, the communications director for the Central TX Red Cross. "We're very hopeful that we'll be able to give a good number to our teams up in San Antonio," said Krippelz.

San Antonio has about 350 volunteers on standby, but the Red Cross hopes to pull more people from Central Texas for a two-week mass care mission.

"Whether it's Texans helping clean up debris from the areas, or you know, or just helping whether it's in a shelter, giving out supplies or feeding, you know, we just really want to make sure that we're there for the community as the Red Cross," said Krippelz.

Kristofer Morgan, with the Red Cross, has done disaster relief like this before.

"It gets real chaotic," said Morgan. "Sometimes you get shifted around from one location to another because that's just the nature of how the event happens. Seeing the families sit there with the kids and they have smiling faces even when there is a hurricane outside, it feels good to know that in that moment you're helping." 

A helping hand was extended at the Austin Montopolis Recreation Center too. The Red Cross is also registering volunteers there.

"Neighbors helping neighbors, Texans helping Texans," said Krippelz.

The more volunteers they can get, the better.

"We need everybody," said Morgan.

The Red Cross will register volunteers at both locations from 1-3 pm on Sunday, July 7.

Organizers encourage anyone interested to sign up, even if they can’t commit to two weeks on the coast. There may be opportunities to help that aren’t as big of a time commitment.

Even if someone isn’t available for this disaster, they could help during the next one, including house fires closer to home.

Below are the address for the locations where you can sign up:

Georgetown First United Methodist: 410 E University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626

Montopolis Recreation Center: 1009 W Dittmar Rd, Austin, TX 78745

Volunteers can also register online at this link.