Beryl expected to make landfall on Texas coast Monday

Beryl, the earliest storm to develop into a Category 5 hurricane, caused 11 deaths and impacted thousands in the Caribbean islands this week.

"It's scary I don’t feel too exposed here in Austin just because we are a little far away from the coast. But I mean it is terrifying for those communities, especially for people who don't have the resources to get out", says Josiah Mercer.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has placed more than 120 counties under a disaster declaration - including nine in our area, urging Texans to prepare for the storm. 

Beryl is expected to make landfall on the Texas coast Monday.

"I have never experienced it before, so I am kind of trying to make sure that we are going to have everything ok, just in case anything does happen" , says Kleena Adair.

"I have groceries at my house, I’m planning to stay indoors. I'm not in an area that tends to flood, so I’m not too worried about myself, but I’m glad to not have to go to work if it is going to be raining super hard," says Mercer.

According to Fox 7 Meteorologist Leslie London, the main threats to the city of Austin are flooding and strong wind gusts.

"Overall, I am generally prepared in terms of I have like a little bug out kit with batteries and flashlights in my house, for this it's just about not needing to go out for groceries in the next few days, is really all I have thought about , specific planning for this just make sure I have food in my house," says Mercer.

Austin Emergency Management urges residents to make a plan, build a kit, know your neighbors and stay informed in case of an emergency.

"Just staying in that is my plan,, says Mercer.