Bikers rally at Capitol for those arrested in Waco shootout

Hundreds of motorcycle club members gathered at the Texas Capitol to rally for those arrested after a shootout in Waco earlier this year.

Waco police said a fight broke out between two rival motorcycle clubs in a Twin Peaks parking lot May 17th.

More than 180 bikers were there for a Confederation of Clubs meeting - when bullets started flying in all directions. George Bergman was one of them and told his wife he hid under a car and watched in disbelief.

"He told me, 'Hunny, I love you. I may never see you again. I'm in the middle of a police shootout.' And the phone went dead," said Bergman's wife, Judy.

Nine people died at the scene, all of them motorcycle club members. 177 bikers were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

"They didn't do anything wrong, and suddenly they're in the worst situation they've ever been involved in their life, and they've lost their support group," said Paul Looney who is representing some of the bikers that have been charged.

Bond was set at $1 million.

"I've had capital murderers that have had bonds way lower than $1 million," Looney said.

Many bikers waited weeks before they were able to get a bond reduction hearing.

"He was stuck there 20 days before I was able to contact his ex-wife to come up with the bond money to get him out," Judy said. 

Since May, motorcycle club members from all over Texas have held numerous rallies in support of those who are facing criminal charges in McLennan County.

"They need each other, they need places like this. I'm glad to come out and show my support because it doesn't change anything for the court house," said Looney.

The support is helping families like the Bergman's make it through some of the most difficult months of their lives.

"I hope that all the families are found innocent and I hope that, the ones that were killed, that their families are compensated for it. And I hope that whoever is responsible is convicted of that crime," Judy said.

So far no one has been indicted and several civil cases have been filed against McLennan County for the high bail and the charges filed.