Bipartisan group of Texas lawmakers propose economic sanctions against Russia

On Texas Independence Day, state representatives stood in solidarity, admonishing what is happening in Ukraine.

"Vladimir Putin is a madman, he is a thug, he is killing innocent human beings. This is his desire to rebuild the former Soviet Union," said State Rep. Tan Parker.

Parker, Rep. Rafael Anchia, Rep. Angie Chen Button, and Rep. Christina Morales announced proposed economic sanctions against Russia.

"We are calling for the Texas government to take up its own economic measures against Russia and Russia's dictator for his unprovoked invasion against the Ukrainian people," said Anchia.

The representatives believe the state has an obligation to do this, with it being the ninth-largest economy in the world, based on GDP.

"Texas is in a unique position to engage in the coalition of economic response worthy of Vladimir Putin's transgressions," said Anchia.

"If the US doesn't lead, if Texas as an individual state doesn't lead, being in such a strong economic position as the ninth-largest economy in the world, then we are missing an enormous opportunity to stop what I believe is a madman," said Parker.

The sanctions would divest and prohibit Texas from doing business with Russia. They'll also divest and stop contracts with Russian owned companies, and divest and stop contracts that supply the country with any military equipment.

"We applaud President Zelenskyy and his fearless leadership. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the Russians protesting the acts of their own president," said Morales.

"The first track is to build support in the body," said Anchia.

After that, Congress will draft a bill.

The sanctions will look very similar to the same economic sanctions that hit the economies of Sudan and Iran. Those sanctions were a response to genocide and aggression in those countries. He is hoping these sanctions from the USA, and other countries can force Putin to reconsider.

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