Black Austin residents asked to participate in community photoshoot Saturday

All Black Austin residents are being asked to head to Givens Park in East Austin this weekend to smile for the camera. 

The Austin Justice Coalition and Six Square Austin’s Black Cultural District is hosting a citywide photoshoot on Saturday at noon for Austin’s Black community to celebrate Black History Month.

"I'm hoping it's going to feel like a family reunion," said AJC executive director Chas Moore.

One big family reunion is how Moore hopes this Saturday is going to feel at the "We’re Still Here" city-wide photoshoot to showcase Austin’s Black community.

"This narrative that Black people are not here, that we're just invisible, is not, that's not my truth. That's not the truth of a lot of people in my community," said Moore.

The idea of a photoshoot for Black History Month is not new, but Moore says the AJC and Six Square are excited to welcome all Black Austinites to Givens Park for, what he calls, a historic event.

"I think in 2023, to counter the narrative that Black people are not in the city and to counter the narrative that we don't belong here, I think it's important to essentially be a part of this pretty unique census type opportunity. We are here. We're not going anywhere," said Moore. 


Hence the name of the event: "We’re Still Here". It will be a chance to highlight and celebrate Black Austinites during Black History Month in a creative way.

"Austin is a part of us. It's a part of the Black experience here in this city," said Moore.

Those who come out are asked to be dressed and ready to go. This event is family friendly.

"People just need to come with their best fit, the best shoes, the best church, whatever and just be ready to pose for the camera," said Moore.

The event will begin promptly at noon.