Black bear caught on home surveillance video

It was a frightening encounter for one East Cobb homeowner. Steve Stanley put up home surveillance cameras for security, but instead, they captured an unexpected and unwanted guest.

A black bear wandered onto his porch and walked right up to his glass door. Even though Stanley said he was scared, he also said it was hard not to be amazed at the 6-foot animal.

It has been the talk of the community since the bear was captured on camera. Steve Stanley lives on Emory Lane and it was a typical night last week. He was in his study just before 8 in the evening and something on his surveillance system caught his eye.

He said when the bear was unsuccessful at getting into that bird feeder, it made its way up his back porch and that’s when he said he and his girlfriend came face to face with the animal.

Stanley said he has lived in this community for a while and nothing like this has ever happened. He’s seen a lot of wildlife, but never a bear.