Black Lives Matter peaceful protest held in San Marcos

Peace and solidarity, that's what a group of Texas State University students and alumni are hoping for as they gathered in San Marcos for a peaceful black lives matter protest this weekend.

Protestors made their way down the streets of San Marcos Sunday evening chanting black lives matter, but they said this peaceful protest was about much more. Malcolm Bell was one of the event organizers. "We just want our community to come together and make sure that we are uplifted and we stay together and we standing together as a community."

He said the group was remembering all lives lost.

"Everything is going to be okay as long as we continue to work together and push together, we are going to give respect to the ones that lost their lives for no reason," he said.

The event was organized by some Texas State University students and alumni, with hundreds in attendance. Jiovanni Jones is an TSU alum "I am glad to see that everybody can come together for a common cause and do it the right way so i am happy to see that all these people are here to make the right kind of change."

Change Nicholas Prejean said change can't happen until we unify as a nation.

"I am tired of being separated from everybody, honestly. Once we can come together as a people, as a human race as human beings, I think we will really be able to start change."

The group said they will continue to stand strong in faith and unity to ensure their voices are heard and put an end to these heartbreaking tragedies. "It's not just black lives matter, black lives matter too, cop blue lives do matter, but more importantly human lives matter," Prejean said.