BLM demonstrator files lawsuit against APD officer, City of Austin

Anthony Evans was one of thousands who were protesting police brutality on May 31st in downtown Austin. Jeff Edwards, the attorney for Evans, said that is when Evans became the victim of what he was protesting. "This is not an isolated incident, this is the fault of senior leadership at the Austin Police Department," said Edwards.

"He's had to have his jaw wired shut, and he's had to have multiple meetings with facial plastic surgeons,' Edwards said. 

Edwards says aside from his client's physical injury, the ordeal has taken a mental toll on him as well.

"When the people who are supposed to protect you are the ones who hurt you, and they treat you like an enemy of war... the damage is long-lasting and even borders on permanent," Edwards said.

The lawsuit claims the actions of the officer who shot Evans were unjustified and, questions how those in charge could allow this to happen.

"It is difficult for me to describe the type of misjudgment on the part of the leaders of at APD," said Edwards. "There needs to be an independent analysis so there is credibility with the department and Chief Manley needs to show some courage and ask for that."

He says Evans hopes something like this never happens again to anyone. And, that the lawsuit forces departmental change.

"We want APD to change the way they interact with African Americans, we want them to analyze why it is that African Americans and Hispanics are the victims of violence when they are unarmed at grossly disproportional rates," he said.