Boy finds mother/father dead after murder-suicide

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Photo Courtesy: Texas DPS

Pflugerville Police say an 8-year-old boy woke to find his parents dead. Police say it was the result of a murder-suicide.

"It's a very sad reminder of why we're here," said HOPE Alliance CEO Patty Conner.

Domestic Violence Help Service Hope Alliance CEO Patty Conner reflects on a murder-suicide that left an 8-year-old boy without parents.

"I hope that if people see this event and worry about themselves or are concerned with the family member either the abuser or the abused that they will pick up the phone and call us and we can talk about what the options are," said Conner.

Pflugerville Police say the boy told them that his parents were fighting at their home Saturday night. He says his mother wanted him to call 9-1-1, but his father stopped him from doing so. By Sunday morning they were both dead.

"He woke up, found the scene and immediately dial 911," said Lt. Laura Wilkes.

Police say the boy's mother, 39-year-old Lakeisha Nicole Glass, had been stabbed multiple times. Her body was on the stairwell by the entryway to the home.

The father, 41-year-old Saldin McIntosh, had a single gunshot wound. His body was found in a vehicle in the garage.

"Preliminary investigation leads us to believe she was deceased first and then he committed suicide," said Wilkes.

"It's a shock. I mean when I drove up I was in shock to see it all," said neighbor Diann Fine.

Neighbor Diann Fine says the couple was from detroit and moved in a little over a year ago. She witnessed some evidence of trouble.

"She would yell at him outside in front of all the neighbors, and he was very friendly and would visit all of the neighbors," said Fine. "She would yell at him to come back home and not visit with the neighbors."

Police records show several 9-1-1 calls to the home including one instance where glass was reporting McIntosh stole her firearm. Lt. Laura Wilkes says McIntosh was arrested and charged. But there were no domestic violence issues recorded.  Wilkes encourages anyone who encounters a possible domestic violence situation to pick up the phone.

"A lot of people standby and think somebody else is going to call 9-1-1 I'm not going to interfere in somebody else's personal life or their personal its use and the problem is he may be the one person who saves that victim by taking the time to make that phone call," said Wilkes. "It's that courage to make that one phone call that can change someone's life forever."

You can call the Hope Alliance at 1-800-460-SAFE. It is a 24-hour helpline. The boy is in CPS custody. We are told his family is now here with him and he is receiving the help he needs in this very difficult time.

A young boy in Pflugerville makes a tragic discovery Sunday morning finding two people believed to be his mom and dad dead, according to police there.

Pflugerville Police said it started as a fight between a couple, 39-year-old La Keisha Nicole Glass, and 41-year-old Saldin McIntosh, which led to what they believe is a murder-suicide.

Diann Fine has lived in her Pflugerville home for more than ten years. She said she's never seen anything like the scene that unfolded Saturday into Sunday night. “It's a shock, I mean when I drove up I was just in shock to see it all. Nothing like this ever happens in our neighborhood, this is quiet and loving, our neighbors all get along,” she said.

Pflugerville Police said an 8-year-old boy at the home told police his parents were fighting Saturday night. He said his mother told him to call 911, but his father stopped him. 

At some point in the night, the fight turned deadly.

Fine said late Saturday night she thought she heard fireworks. “We didn't really think anything of it because we’re getting close to July 4th, could've been fireworks, we didn't think anything about it,” she said.

But after she heard the news, she now believes she heard a gunshot.

Fine said a couple and their son moved in next door a little over a year ago from out of state. She said the couple had their ups and downs. “She would yell at him outside in front of the neighbors, and he was very friendly and would visit all of the neighbors. She would yell at him to come back home and not visit with the neighbors,” she said.

Plugerville Police said while investigating they found Glass with multiple stab wounds, and McIntosh in a vehicle in the garage with a single gunshot wound, but they are waiting for autopsy results for official causes of death.

The son called 911 Sunday morning. When officers arrived they took him away from the home and he is now in Child Protective Services until other family members arrive.  “I think he woke up and just found his parents they were dead. This will change his life forever,” Fine said,