Boy Scout builds shed, stocks it with recess equipment for Kyle Elementary students

Noah Saul has been a Boy Scout for many years, and this summer, he's working on moving up to the Eagle Scout rank. In order to do so, he had to complete his Eagle Scout project.

"I knew from the start that I wanted to do a project at my elementary school," says Noah Saul, sophomore at Hays High school. 

After spending some time at Kyle Elementary this summer, Noah noticed the playground could use some touching up.

"I originally thought I would redo the track you see in the background, but I did all the math for it. Turns out it'd be over $10,000," says Saul.

So, he had to think of something smaller that would still make an impact on the kids.

"Any time you want to play football, someone else had to bring it and one of the teachers had to buy it. There was not really source of recess equipment, so that's really why I decided to do this," says Saul.

Noah built a cedar shed and stocked it with recess equipment for kids at Kyle Elementary to enjoy.


Noah says he wasn't solo on this project, he was able to get a hand from a couple of people in the community.

"I went to local businesses and H-E-B, Home Depot, but donations from there also got helpers from my troop to come over and help me on weekdays and some friends of mine to come over and help," says Saul.

The sidewalk to the portables were power washed and painted with fun activities for kids to do in the shade during recess.

Now that the project is complete, Noah can't wait for the students to enjoy.

"I'm just really excited for people to use it because I'm glad that my projects are actually going to be used. And it's not just sitting somewhere, just collecting dust," says Saul.