Boy Scouts of America to allow girls to join

After receiving years of input from families, and girls, the Boy Scouts of America decided to open its doors for girls to enroll.

“We as a result of this change are very much going to be able to positively impact society going forward because of the growing role of women,” said Charles Mead, spokesperson for the Capitol Area Boy Scouts of America.

Starting in the fall of 2018, they will allow parents to sign their sons and daughters up for cub scouts. The smallest unit, called a den, will be single gendered, however, cub scout packs, will be able to enroll and mix genders.

“Little sister has been tagging along with big brother, participating in a lot of these Cub Scout activities, now she has the benefit of being able to actually join officially,” said Mead.

Plus, in 2019, officials will provide a path for older girls to become Eagle Scouts, the highest boy scout ranking.

“Today's announcement has no effect on girl scouts. We're here to serve girls in an all-girl environment,” said Lynelle McKay, CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

McKay has some reservations.

“They're basically taking that same Cub Scout curriculum and throwing it at the girls and we know that that's not really going to work. We've been doing it for a long time, and girls needs an all-girl, safe environment,” said McKay.

She thinks the two genders need supportive groups of their own

“We don't know for sure what's going to happen at that middle school age. We think that's the most critical point for both a girl and boy, to be in an all-girl or all-boy environment. That unknown is rather scary,” said McKay.

“This is not us trying to do the girl scouts better than the girl scouts do it,” said Mead.

Both organizations have similar goals in mind, but how to go about accomplishing the goal? That's the question that may be answered once the changes take effect next fall.

“Today's decision reflects a reality of women in the workplace, their role in society, and the fact that they are taking on greater positions of responsibility,” said Mead.