Plumbers prepare for 'Brown Friday' calls following Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is only a week away and the excitement is building. 

However, this time of year also means more guests in your home that maybe don’t know the dos and don'ts of plumbing. 

The day after Thanksgiving is known as "Brown Friday", the day plumbing companies say they receive the highest number of calls.

There are things homeowners and renters can do to prevent costly repairs, including:

  • avoid putting stringy, fibrous or starchy waste in the garbage disposal
  • never put coffee grinds in the drain
  • never put pasta or bread in the drain
  • don't pour cooking oils or fats down the drain
  • when you put food in the garbage disposal, make sure it's already running
  • never flush cotton balls, paper towels or facial wipes in the toilet
  • space out showers between guests and wait 10-15 minutes between showers so water has time to drain if you are hosting more people than usual at home
  • if you have a problematic drain, take care of it before guests arrive for the holidays