Buda Wiener Dog Races return after two-year hiatus due to COVID-19

The annual Buda Wiener Dog Races took place this weekend looking for the fastest dachshund in the area. Even though there only could be one winner, many were just there for fun and saw all dogs as ‘wieners'. 

The event came back after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic and has been going on for over two decades.

"We started with 30 dogs, three chili cookers and up on the Buda city greenbelt downtown, and we grew it from there to we raced two hundred and fifty dogs [Saturday]," said Justin Krause, President of the Buda Lions Club.

The event was filled with dogs of all kinds, but the sheer amount of dachshunds was unmatched. 

"The loves to see all the dogs and all the dogs that look just like him and sniff everything," said Wendi Wade, dog mom to Charley, who was one of many attendees.

Charley was one of the hundreds of dogs to compete in the wiener dog race, and he came in strong. "He got clocked at fifteen miles an hour," said Wade.

Unfortunately, that was not enough to win, but this mom says she is proud regardless. "Man, I just can't stop smiling like it's just so cute and funny, but he did get beat pretty bad. The bigger dogs went a lot faster," said Wade.

Several races took place throughout the weekend with pet owners unleashing their pets in hopes that their dog would win the highly coveted first place trophy and $500 cash prize.

In the end, it was not about winning. It was truly all about having fun and that is what so many people participating and watching did.