Bull in viral flooding video from Georgetown found

You may remember a popular video from Georgetown which surfaced over the weekend. It showed a bull being carried away by the rushing flood waters in the San Gabriel river.

We've since learned the bull, unfortunately did not make it. the owners spent days searching for several other bulls that got swept away. These Liberty Hill ranchers are also dealing with extensive flood damage to their home and property.

Repairs were put on hold as their main focus these past several days was tracking down their missing bulls. “we had no clue it was going to flood and it happened in 4 hours,” said Cimarron Rucker a rancher in Liberty Hill. Pieces of fence and debris fill Rucker's property after last weekend’s flood.

The water was enough to move their cars on top of each other.

“It moved them about 30 yards,” said Rucker.

Repairs to the property were put on hold as the flooding caused a whole different problem, it swept away the bulls both Rucker and his good friend Cole Hurley own. “they sat in their pins before the water floated them out of there. I couldn't imagine what was going on through their heads,” said Hurley.

The bull seen in the video recorded along the San Gabriel river in Georgetown, belonged to Hurley. “I had a buddy text me and said there's a bull on Facebook and it looked like it could be one of mine. I had to borrow somebody’s phone to check and it dang sure was, it was him,” said Hurley.

7 in total between the 2 were missing and it's been a nonstop search ever since. There’s about 20 of us we all got together by the arena got to talking about where everyone is going to split up and go,” said Rucker. “on boats, we had guys on 4wheelers, horses, rangers, pick-ups,” said Hurley.

Social media helping to steer them in the right direction. “we ended up getting a call about a bull 9 miles down the river that guy pinned that bull we went and caught him,” said Rucker.

3 of the bulls were found in Liberty Hill, 1 in Leander, 2 in Georgetown and the one seen in the video was found in Ganger just before the lake; a distance of about 32 miles. That one along with another bull did not make. “We jumped in the water, went and confirmed it, it was him. Pretty sad deal but knowing is better than not knowing,” said Hurley. With the search now over, both Rucker and Hurley pray something like this won’t happen again.

Rucker and Hurley use their bulls for competitions. They plan to buy more now that the search is over. As far as damage, Rucker says they are looking at several thousand dollars’ worth.