Bullied Houston student writes song to empower other children

A young girl from Houston turns pain into a positive, after getting bullied. 

She's releasing a song in hopes of lifting the spirits of other children who are bullied and is raising funds for an all-inclusive park, so that all kids, regardless of their abilities, can have fun in Houston. Her project is truly a work of art. 

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10-year-old Harper Mixon is singing and speaking out against negative talk. 

"The 100th time you're called ugly, you just get tired of hearing it," exclaims Harper. 

So tired of it, she had to change schools to find a more positive experience! Now Harper is supplying her little sister, Grace, with tools to help empower her through this special song. 

"At my old elementary school, I was bullied a lot, and I came home to my sister, and I looked at her, she's tiny with big blue eyes and red curls, and I thought about her being bullied and I do not want that to happen," states Harper.


Harper is sharing her lyrics of love to also let other children know they are beautiful and should reject a bully's rude comments. Her music video features real-life stories from other children who have been bullied. 

"I think a lot of it is part of childhood, but Harper's resilient," says Harper's mother, Cynthia. "Then we saw the kids who weren't maybe as tough as Harper and it really took a toll on them. Even she came home and said, 'I've had enough, please do something,' and I think when someone as tough as Harper really gets bothered by it and you just know as a mom that you need to do something.

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"I think we all, as parents and as people, need to wake up to the pain that children are experiencing, and really address it, have conversations, and make sure they know they're loved and have those hard conversations about maybe what is happening that you don't know what's happening," she continued. "Harper's song is leading the conversation by sharing messages of hope." 

It's now on sale for $1.29 on music streaming services. She's donating the proceeds to help build a state-of-the-art all-abilities park in Houston and teaming up with the Rotary Club to make it happen. 

"We have wonderful park architects that we are working with to plan this space,"  explains E. Michelle Bohreer with Rotary District 5890. "And every piece of equipment in this park will be handi-accessible so all abilities will be able to swing on a swing or slide down the slide or ride on the merry-go-round that swirls around and makes everybody dizzy and just have fun, and it's these special pieces of equipment that have been developed that we're going to be able to place in the park."

They've been working with the city of Houston on the project and hope to raise at least $250,000.

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Harper will share her song and message of hope with the Rotary Club and business leaders, in hopes of gaining their financial support for the park. 

"In those speeches, she's going to talk about the blessing of her friendship with Nikko who's in the video. He holds a sign-up that says, ‘Doctors say I have Down syndrome. But God says, I am a blessing,’ and her relationship with him, and her friendship has taught her so much! She wants other children to be able to experience that at this beautiful park that Houston deserves, as one of the largest cities in America and these families need," says Cynthia. 

Harper wants to sponsor a few pieces of equipment in the park with the funds she raises and challenges other kids to help. 

"Any child who wants to be part of this can raise $1 or $100, it's all helpful and helps us reach our goal," smiles Harper. 

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She and her mom believe the more children we have playing, laughing, and loving together, the better off we'll all be, to feel like we are all works of art. Harper ends her music video with a special prayer, shared with her sister, Grace.

"Heavenly Father, may the child hearing this song know that You made him or her in Your image and that they are beautiful. May all children know that You love them with Your whole heart. Amen," they state. 

This isn't Harper's first time to write a song and help others. She raised $20,000 through her first song three years ago to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.   


For more information on the All-Abilities Empowerment Park, click here.

Here's how to buy Harper's song and help fund the park, click here.