Caldwell County preparing for flooding, heavy rain

Stephanie Cowan remembers very well, the Memorial Day weekend flood of 2015

“I was actually at home with my kids and my boyfriend, trying to figure out what we were going to do because the water was rising and rising,” said Cowan.

To relive that moment, would be a nightmare. The Lockhart business owner is prepared for anything this weekend. Several inches of rain is expected in the area, remnants of Hurricane Harvey.

“We live in a low lying area so I'm just wanting to protect the house where we live, because it's all we got,” said Cowan.

Caldwell County is no stranger to storms.

“Caldwell County has been through three federally declared flood disasters in the past two years,” said Martin Ritchey, emergency management coordinator.

First responders are ready for whatever mother nature has up her sleeve.

“We have built up our capacity with our volunteer fire departments, from just a handful of first responders trained, to over 55 folks trained in swift water rescue for instance,” said Ritchey.

Although the bulk of the storm is farther away, lots of rain can become deadly in "Flash Flood Alley."

“We have this nickname because there are so many folks who have died due to flash flood emergencies,” said Ritchey.

As of Thursday afternoon, it's business as usual in Caldwell County. Yet they are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.

“If I lose my home or I lose my business, it's easier to absorb than to lose a family member,” said Cowan.