California Gov. Newsom: 'Stress is real,' and state is offering resources

California Gov. Gavin Newsom veered away from his usual course of data and numbers during his daily briefing on Tuesday, and instead turned the focus on mental health.

Staying at home is hard for many people, he noted, adding that some people are coping while others are struggling.

"The stress is real," he said. 

To help Californians deal with those stressors, Newsom said the state has put together a "playbook," both for adults and children to help them cope with the trying times.

So far, there are 16 different hotlines that have been compiled, ranging from people who are suffering from domestic violence to therapists who can tailor their help toward adolescents. 

His own daughter has felt the anxiety, Newsom said. When he told her there would be no more school, she tipped her bed over. 


California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris said that school closures and economic hardships affect everyone differently.

And that anxiety can have real physical consequences, too, including high blood pressure and the increased likelihood of stroke. 

She suggested some basic tips, like practicing mindfullness and getting enough sleep as the first steps people should take who are facing hardships and feeling claustrophobic by being indoors. 

She also strongly encouraged people seek out mental health care if they need. 

The focus on the state's physical and emotional well-being came as Newsom announced the latest coronavirus statistics.

As of Tuesday, he said more than 15,000 have tested positive for the virus, up 10 percent more than the day before; 2,611 people were hospitalized, up 4 percent from the day before; and 1,108 people were in the ICU, up 2 percent from the day before.

In addition, he said, 374 people in California have died from coronavirus. 

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