Cameras installed around I-35 to catch rock throwers

As the rock throwing incidents along I-35 continue, Austin Police are stepping up their efforts by putting up cameras.

More eyes have been added along I-35. APD hopes cameras will help deter the rock throwing incidents from happening or possibly catch whoever is responsible.

APD said there have been around 41 cases since June 2014. Five people have been hurt, two critically. APD has not said how many cameras have been installed but that they have been there for some time now.

Those who protested at APD headquarters over the weekend believe their voices have finally been heard. Others like Andre Riedl, wish it would have been sooner. He and his sister were driving down I-35 last month when a rock the size of a brick went through the windshield. It struck Andre in the shoulder and he's still recovering.

"It should have happened that instant, if not before then. Like I said, peoples lives are at risk. It's not a good feeling. I haven't been down that road since," said Andre Riedl, rock throwing victim.

"Something could have been done sooner. I know they were saying cameras were really expensive but netting, fencing is cheaper. Just having more officers patrol," said Allison Teske, friend of victim.

APD did give us locations of rock throwing incidents between June 2014 to June of this year. There were dozens during that time frame. Most of them occurred around 30th to 40th street in downtown Austin, over the weekends. The two most recent incidents happened just last week.