Campus carry opposition from Austin private universities

In less than two hours, the University of Texas will hold a public forum about implementing the new campus carry law.

This past spring, the state legislature passed SB-11, which will allow licensed gun holders to carry a concealed handgun on campus.

Senate Bill 11, or the campus carry bill is being met with some opposition. Huston Tillotson University says they want to exercise their right as a private university to opt out. They say having a license to carry is not enough.

“We just don't know who the person is or who the person may be even though they may have a license, it's just a concern that we may have,” Huston-TIllotson University Director of Public Safety Leslie York said.

The law takes effect August 1, 2016. Just down the road, Saint Edward's University has already made its choice.

“Our intention is to opt out,” St. Edward’s University Director of Communication Mischelle Diaz said.

Before private schools can officially opt-out, the law requires them to go through proper procedures.

“First we have to complete a process to survey our community, but opting out is our intention.

“We're in that process of determining what we're going to do and how we're going to do it,” York said.

University of Texas President Gregory Fenves created a campus carry working group. They were created to make proper recommendations regarding this new law.

At the meeting, the public will get to comment on what they think is right or wrong about campus carry. Huston -Tillotson officials believe guns on campus can equal grim outcomes.

“In the height of an incident or the height of a situation you don't know how that person's going to behave or react,” York said.

“Firearms and weapons don't belong on this campus,” Diaz said.

The forum will be Wednesday night in the Shirley Bird Perry Ballroom. It is open to the public. The second forum will be on Monday Oct. 5, from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m.