CapMetro employee dies after testing positive for coronavirus, unconfirmed cause of death

A CapMetro employee has died after he tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. 

According to the company, the employee passed away on Saturday, April 4. The employee tested positive for the virus in the week. CapMetro says the cause of death has not yet been confirmed. 

According to the company, the employee worked in the bus maintenance area and did not interact with the public. His last day on the job was March 16. 

"The Capital Metro family mourns the passing of our friend and colleague and our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this time. We ask our Central Texas community to honor our beloved colleague by staying home and using our service for essential trips only," the company said in a press release. 

Capital Metro is honoring the employee's family’s wishes, keeping his name private. 

Thursday, President and CEO Randy Clarke praised a decrease in ridership, saying “the less people that need to be out period is great for us all. We need to flatten the curve.” 

Four Capital Metro employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19 -- including the employee who died Saturday. The other three employees are bus drivers. 

“They are out there doing what is necessary to keep this community moving through this crisis, and I just have full admiration for everything they do everyday.” Clarke said. 

Clarke says Capital Metro has implemented rear-door-boarding, enhanced cleaning, social distancing signs -- and has done away with fares, in an effort to protect employees and riders. The transit authority also confirmed they began distributing masks to frontline employees -- like bus drivers, and sanitation workers, Sunday. 


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