Car dangling from parking garage in downtown Austin

A car was dangling from the side of a parking garage in downtown Austin on Friday.

The parking garage is attached to Gold's Gym and located on Brazos Street and 6th Street. 

According to the Austin Fire Department, the car was driven off the top floor of the parking garage. The car is dangling from the building by a wire. Wires line the perimeter of every floor of that parking garage. According to AFD, the driver of the vehicle was able to escape from the vehicle without suffering any injuries. 

The car was still running and leaked a small amount of gas. 

It was a 2004 Toyota 4Runner. 

According to AFD, the 24 year-old driver says he was on the top floor and was attempting to pull into a parking spot. The vehicle did not stop and rolled off the edge where it was caught on the barricade wire. 

The driver was helped out of the dangling vehicle by two bystanders.



The Austin Fire Department had a captive audience as they tried to lower the running car down. 

"We just took our time. We had to keep it away from the building, we had some electrical conduit and a water line that we wanted to make sure it didn't break on the way down," said Palmer Buck, a battalion chief for AFD. 

Three hours later after some major man power, they did it.