Carving Pumkins with a Gun

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Pumpking carving can be such a messy and time consuming business. You have to cut the gourd open, scoop the gunk out, pick a design and then use a knife and specialty tools to cut into the pumpkin. Then there's the chance you could cut yourself and even worse, screw up the design and have to start all over again. 

Well a Pleasant View, Tennessee man has come up with a much faster and seemingly less messy way to put a smiling face on your jack-o-lantern. By shooting it onto the gourd. 

In a series of YouTube videos posted by user Hickok45, he proudly shows just how to get that perfect smile by using a rifle or a Colt 1911 or if you simply destroying your pumpkin is what you desire there is a video for that too! 

I guess with Halloween right around the corner this kind of fits in with the motif of horror movies and creepy displays. If you'd like to see more of Hickok45's pumpkins they will be on display in person at Elks Outdoors in Pleasant View, Tennessee.