Catalytic converter thefts in Texas up 10,881.37% since 2019, report says

Catalytic converter thefts are becoming more common in Texas, according to a new report.

New info from public data company BeenVerified shows that Texas ranks second in the country with 136 catalytic converter thefts per 100,000 vehicles in 2022. 

That is an increase of 10,881.37% since 2019.

Only New York saw a higher number of thefts per 100,000 automobiles, with 141.

The report analyzed theft data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and search data from Google.

Fifteen states saw their number of catalytic converter thefts drop year-over-year. Twelve of the 15 states enacted statewide or local legislation to help fight the thefts.

This legislative session a bill filed in the Texas Senate would increase the criminal penalties for catalytic converter thieves.

Senate Bill 432 would make it a state jail felony for anyone who is found in possession of a stolen catalytic converter. So even if a thief isn't caught in the act, there would still be consequences. The bill, filed by State Sen. Mayes Middleton (R-Gavelston), is currently pending in committee.

Toyotas, Lexus and Hondas are the most targeted cars by catalytic converter thieves, according to data from 2020.

Top 10 States for Catalytic Converter Thefts in 2022 (per 100k Automobiles)

  1. New York, 141
  2. Texas, 136
  3. Connecticut, 122
  4. Colorado, 117
  5. Washington, 112
  6. New Jersey, 108
  7. California, 103
  8. Oregon, 97
  9. Minnesota, 93
  10. Illinois, 89